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  • Love Never Enz
    Saturday, Nov 4 @ 5:11 PM
    Love Never Enz
    It’s dawn
    I should be dead in bed
    But my fingers don’t stop bleedin’
    I can’t get you out of my head
    The Vampire’s don’t stop slayin’
    Till somewhere around sunrise
    The fans’ won’t start strayin’
    Till their last soul dies,
    The manager shouts, “Your on fire!”
    Somewhere between one and the grave
    The manager won't stop gogglin', the unders'
    Who should be home in their graves
    That one girl burst into rhythm,
    The mosh pit screams like a whore
    Death’s souls sweat and start swimmin’
    As the wolves leave blood on the floor!
    I know I shouldn't be dreamin
    About your drippin’ wet skin,
    The drummer punches the beat
    As you whip that blazin blue hair
    Its then I hear you screamin'
    “Love life, Don’t Care!”
    The mosh pit screams and groans,
    As the lost souls start to sing
    Like a macabre horror movie,
    That will never end
    I know I shouldn’t be dreamin’
    I should be dead in my bed
    But my fingers won’t stop bleedin’
    I can’t get you out of my head
    Your drippin’ wet skin in the mosh pit,
    Your whips of blazin’ blue hair,
    Your screamin’ attitude
    “Love life, Don’t Care!”
    Your body never stops writhin’
    With every note I sing
    Blood pours from my body
    The Vampires play, Love Never Enz
    Its another Saturday night with The Vampires’
    The wolves leave blood on the floor
    Is a scene from an old horror movie!
    I can’t take any more!
    As suicide finally grips my body
    Your face bursts thru the door
    Your life they can’t erase from me
    We play, Love Never Enz once more
    At me, you start screamin’
    As blood pours for my skin
    I jump down from the stage,
    Into the pit,
    Where Love Never Enz

    Slate Void copyright 2017

  • elle a rien dans la tete cet fille de toute façon

  • Bonsoir ma belle! Passe une très bonne soirée et gros bisous!